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b u r d e n (2024)

Isa Kiviaho & Atte Hänninen




A three-channel video work
A work about letting go of the burden caused by society. Society is a multi-threaded continuum and the doctrines, views, knowledge and skills we adopt can come from very far back in the history of our humanity. Our being is a changing current, and the traditions that have been developed from previous generations can become a contradiction to our own self. Like a heavy stone that you consciously or unconsciously carry with you. Society's traumas, gender perceptions, sexual identities and many other things that each of us takes on as a burden and which can create a burden on the wearer's life path or a stone that has learned to love and protects its own while lulling. What effects can there be if you let go of yours?
The work was realized in Iceland with the support of the Finnish Cultural Foundation.


Thesis work, Tampere

The Hiilinielu project is a multidimensional and wide-ranging scientific and artistic work. In the project that started in the spring of 2022, my working group and I will investigate whether we, as artists, can convert the environmental waste of Tampere's Näsijärvi into zero fiber biochar that nourishes the environment and create a work
on the subject.
We succeeded and a real carbon sink environmental work, a poetry video work, photo works and still life were born.

The collection of works was published at Galleria Himmelblau in the RAW exhibition on March 10, 2023.


Either way, I'm Valuable (2023)

two channel video

Music & Acting by: Tuomas Hovi

The Wild West (2020)


Film: Isa Kiviaho
Actors: Ville Nieminen & Severi Stylman
Editing: Isa Kiviaho & Ville Nieminen
Music by: Ville Nieminen

The Six Gods (2020)

Presented in Lapinniemi & Iweek virtual exhibition in 2020.

DSC_0051 (1).JPG

Presented in Gallery Kyy, Tullintori. Tampere, Finland

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