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Tmi Isa Kiviaho 2821302-4

Finnish contemporary artist and photographer.



As an artist, I am multitasking, curious, brave, open and very self-directed and purposeful in the hustle and bustle of work. I work versatile with photography, video, text, drawing, painting, space and time, and installations. I was brought up in the age of technology, so I have experienced my youth without a screen, but I grew up with a screen under the influence of the global internet, in my case it manifests itself, for example, in equality and a smaller threshold to deal more openly with taboos and a desire to break boundaries. Organicity and technology go hand in hand in my work and I am open with different materials and mediums, I deeply feel what kind of story and spirit they want to bring forth. I love technology and the benefit of using it, but I also love to create works that artificial intelligence is not capable of, because the natural human perception and the genuine handprint are irreplaceable.

The secret of my works is its direct and open conversation with the viewer. Its direct desire and act affect the viewer and bring the experiencer directly into the middle of the phenomenon and atmosphere. As an artist, I lightly consider it my duty and valuable work to put phenomena and feelings on the table by means of visual expression, because not everyone is necessarily capable of that. I work a lot with emotions, because regardless of background, almost everyone feels the same emotions regardless of external features. In the works of the environmental side, I find concreteness to be impressive. Let's really make a carbon sink and inspire others to do the same. I feel it is important to speak for the environment and nature, because it is not able to do so, or it is not listened to, no matter how it screams melting and burning. For each work, I like to move and combine natural sciences and fairy tales. Clearly, when you look at my work history, I give my voice to the weaker and more oppressed parties and to nature. Through my works, I also act as an advocate for human rights, equality, nature and the environment.

My most important values ​​are freedom, gentleness, openness, equality, a unified global world and cooperation with the environment. The most valuable features of my works are describing this time and talking with the phenomena of the moment. I have heard that my art is communal and that I create a sense of belonging and a surface of identification for people. I've seen my work be an ice breaker on first dates. My work has encouraged a woman to leave her unsuitable husband and choose the woman she loves as her partner. I have also heard that my work has brought a sense of security in a difficult life situation and has also given me strength to fight hard against suicide. These are the most significant results I have achieved with my art projects and series. Most of my works are bought in advance.

I am also interested in researching how my work and thinking would find new angles from the various variations and encounters of materials and places. In my work, the style is always specific to the work and may change with a different perspective. My working method is to break a lot of my own boundaries and I boldly jump into the unknown, I trust my own problem-solving ability and new learning skills. The end of the artistic process is always a surprise, even though I always plan and build things very carefully. But I love to leave space and be open to new and spontaneous solutions.

Isa, 2023

Activity & Exhibitions:

I am working with a working grant awarded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation.

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